213Rock Podcast du 21 Mai 2019.

copyright by Fred Maujoin

213Rock / Harrag Melodica on Vinylestimes Classic Rock Radio 


Harrag MelodicaJingle 2019 Intro 213Rock20:00
MoonspellIn Tremor Dei (Feat. Paulo BragançA)20:22
AeternamThe Keeper Of Shangri-La20:27
Astral Vibes ConspiracyCosmic Soul20:30
U.D.O.In The Heat Of The Night20:34
Steel ProphetDark Mask (Between Love And Hate)20:38
Astral DoorsNight Of The Hunter20:42
Grand MagusSpear Thrower20:45
TYREmpire Of The North20:50
BrymirGloria In Regum20:58
Arch EnemyThe World Is Yours 21:03

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