I Wanna Rock Podcast du 23 Mai 2019 – Pretty Maids

Playlist :
PRETTY MAIDS Back to back (1984)
SCORPIONS Don’t make no promises (1984)
ECLIPSE S.O.S (2012)
RESTLESS SPIRITS Stop livin to live online (2019)
VOLBEAT Leviathan (2019)
D.A.D The real me (2019)
PRETTY MAIDS Queen of dreams (1984)
La cover de la semaine : ??? (2018)
La ballade de la semaine : ??? (1987)
WILD AMERICA Maybe tonight (2019)
MAJESTY Wasteland Outlaw (2019)
RIOT CITY Warrior of time (2019)
BLACK SABBATH Neon night (1980)
PRETTY MAIDS Little darling (1984)

Les podcast sont disponibles sur les sites ci-dessous:

Bonne écoute.


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