213Rock Podcast du 11 Juin 2019

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copyright by Fred Maujoin

213Rock / Harrag Melodica on Vinylestimes Classic Rock Radio

La Playlist:

Intro 213Rock

Headline : The Call / Voices of Presence

Astral Doors : Concret Heart / Worship or Die

Powerwolf : Incense & Iron / The Sacrament of Sin

Axerl Rudi Pell : Mystica / Mystica

Myrath : Shehili / Shehili

Arion : At the Break of Dawn / Life is not Beautiful

Crazy Lixx : Break Out / Forever Wild

Electric Boys : You Spark My Heart / Ghost Ward Diaries

Angra : Lisbon / Fireworks

Def Leppard : Hysteria / Hysteria

Whitesnake : Heart of Stone / Flesh & Blood

Attraction Theory :  Attraction Theory / Principia

Myrath : Wicked Dice / Shehili
Angra : Nothing to Say / Holy Land
Headline : The Call / Ategnatos
Eluveitie : Ategnatos / Ategnatos
Report SwedenRock 2019 / Olivier Vinylestimes
Tyr : Gates of Hell / Hell
Diamond Head : The Messenger / The Coffin Train
News de Madama Rock
Electric Boys : Hangover in Hannover / Ghost Ward Diaries
Headline : Give up and Once / Voices of Presence
Interview with Sylvie Grave / Headline
Grand Magus : He Sent them All to Them / Wolf God
Iron Savior : Roaring Thunder / Kill or Get Killed
UDO : Tongue Reaper / Steel Factory
Evergrey A Silent Arc / The Atlantic
Angra : Lisbon / Fireworks
In Flames (This is Our) House / I The Mask

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