213Rock Podcast de l’émission du 26 Juin 2019.

copyright by Fred Maujoin

Le podcast de l’émission du 26 Juin 2019.

La Playlist:

Harrag MelodicaJingle 2019 Intro 213Rock20:00
DisturbedAre You Ready20:00
AirbourneIt’S Never Too Loud For Me20:04
Dee SniderTomorrow’S No Concern20:08
Harrag Melodica213Rock20:11
Iron SaviorRoaring Thunder20:11
Prophets Of RageMade With Hate20:16
Adelitas WayI Want You20:18
EvergreyEnd Of Silence20:21
Danko JonesFists Up High20:26
OverkillWhere Few Dare To Walk20:34
Astral DoorsSt. Petersburg20:40
Junkyard DriveThey Don’T Care About Us20:45
Bad WolvesHear Me Now Feat. Diamante20:48
Five Finger Death PunchMy Nemesis20:52
Crystal BallNever A Guarantee20:55

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Bonne écoute.


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