213Rock Podcast de l’émission du 23 Mars 2020.

Le podcast de l’émission du 23 Mars le tour d’horizon de la journée avec Harrag Melodica pendant deux heures et Les news de Madama Rock.

Intro 213Rock
Bon Jovi Let it Rock
Conception By the Blues
Five Finger Death Punch To be Alone
NorthTale Time To Rise
Firewind Rising Fire
Aether Realm GoodBye
Turmion Ktilt Kyntvuohi
Katatonia Behind the Blood
Noveria Stronger than Before
Sorcerer The Hammer of Witches
Bonfire The Devil Made me Do it
Asking Alexandria They don’t want what we want
I Prevail Hurricane – Reimagined
One Desire After you’re Gone
Shakra Fireline
Madama Rock #RockNews
Trivium Catastrophist
Testament Night of the Witch
Whisper Night Darkest Hour
Saxon Crusader
Ulvand Una Vida
Demons and Wizards Diabolic sking Alexandria They don’t want what we want

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Bonne écoute.


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