[Interview] – 213Rock Harrag Melodica – Interview Don Foose / One Life All In New EP Letter of Forgiveness .

Retrouvez Harrag Melodica avec son invité Don Foose.

One Life All -In / Letter of Forgiveness 

Taken from “Letter of forgiveness” EP


One Life All-In is an American/French band formed in 2016 at the initiative of 2 former Seekers Of The Truth (Clem on guitar – Franco on bass) & vocalist Don Foose (The Spudmonsters) . They are quickly joined by drummer Kevin Foley (Abbath, Benighted) and release their 1st EP “The A7 session” in 2017. After several videos & some shows in Europe, especially with Sick Of It All, they are now working on their 2nd EP.

One Life All-In is a positive band with a vast array of influences from hardcore, punk, metal, rock and wherever their inspiration takes them.

See you on the road …

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Bonne écoute.


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