[Interview] – 213Rock Harrag Melodica – Interview Jennifer Haben of Beyond the Black

Retrouvez Harrag Melodica avec son invité Jennifer Haben of Beyond the Black.

BEYOND THE BLACK – Golden Pariahs – Napalm Records

Pre-order the new album “Hørizøns” here :


Jennifer Haben on the new album: “With 2019 having been the biggest year in our career as a band so far, we were thrilled and anxious to get back to the studio and start writing again – not just to make up to the fast and amazing development that has happened in the band since our last album, but to pin this development down also musically for everyone to hear and see. Hørizøns is unmistakably a BEYOND THE BLACK album, but with so many new facets and personality adding up to the classic BEYOND THE BLACK ID that make it a true band-album.

For us this has definitely been a walk on the tightrope and we feel to have it accomplished to its fullest. Without beating around the bush, we can say that we’re extremely proud and confident that Hørizøns is the best BEYOND THE BLACK album to date.“Produced & mixed by Christoph Wieczorek and Julian Breucker at Sawdust RecordingsMastered by Marc Schettler at Elephant Music.

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Bonne écoute.


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