[Interview] – 213Rock Harrag Melodica – Interview David Readman Immunity For The Masses

Retrouvez Harrag Melodica avec son invité David Readman Immunity For The Masses


Welcome to this Nightmare

« The first song of the Immunity For The Masses (Welcome to this Nightmare), founded during the confinement of the last few weeks and defying all the laws of the music industry by writing, fully producing anddirecting a video clip in just 2 weeks from places distant ! »

Produced by Immunity For The Masses and mixed mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination


David Readman /  Vocals 

Francesco Mattei /  Guitars Player

Julien Spreutels / Keyboards and backing vocals 

Nicolas Spreutels / Bass 

Dennis Thomas / Drums

Les interview sont aussi disponibles sur les sites ci-dessous:

Bonne écoute.


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