La nouvelle vidéo du projet At The Movies de Chris Laney. Avec Ronnie Atkins et Bruce Kulick.

At The Movies Proudly Present: Ronnie Atkins – Lead Vocals Bruce Kulick – Lead Guitar Jacob Hansen – Guitars & Backing Vocals

We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)- Terry Britten and Graham Lyle Taken from the 1985 movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

At The Movies:

Björn Speed Strid: Backing Vocals

Linnéa Vikström Egg: Backing Vocals

Chris Laney: Guitars, Backing Vocals

Allan Sørensen: Drums, Backing Vocals

Morten Sandager: Keyboards

Pontus Egberg: Bass, Backing Vocals

Pontus Norgren: Guitars, Backing Vocals

Doc Olivier

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