[Interview] – 213Rock Harrag Melodica – Interview Guernica Mancini de ThunderMother – 25 05 2020

Retrouvez Harrag Melodica avec son invité Guernica Mancini deThunderMother.

New album Heat Wave out July 31th

THUNDERMOTHER – Driving In Style (2020) // Official Music Video // AFM Records.

Thundermother don’t just play Rock’n’Roll. Thundermother are Rock’n’Roll! “Heat Wave”, the title of the fourth Thundermother album is the musical expression of the lifestyle of the band.

The sound on the new album is even groovier & fatter and presents 13 tracks with an absolute catchy tune.

“Heat Wave” reveals the full potential of the four exceptional musicians and appeals to fans of rock ‘n’ roll, blues, punk and heavy metal alike. 

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Bonne écoute.


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