Jason Bieler et le Baron Von Bielski Orchestra – nouvel album “Songs For The Apocalypse”. Ecoutez “Beyond Hope” Interview dans 213Rock toujours Dispo.


Jason Bieler et le Baron Von Bielski Orchestra ont délivré leur nouvel album, “Songs For The Apocalypse”.

L’interview de Jason Bieler est toujours disponible ci-dessous:

Bieler a publié la nouvelle chanson “Bring Out Your Dead” avec David Ellefson (Megadeth), Devin Townsend et Edu Cominato (SOTO, Jeff Scott Soto).

Le nouvel extrait est ici:

Découvrez la pochette et les titres ci-dessous:

1. Never Ending Circle
2. Apology
3. Bring Out Your Dead
4. Annalise
5. Stones Will Fly
6. Down In A Hole
7. Anthem For Losers
8. Horror Wobbles The Hippo
9. Beyond Hope
10. Crab Claw Dan
11. Born Of The Sun
12. Baby Driver
13. Alone In The World
14. Very Fine People
15. Fkswyso

All instruments and vocals by Jason Bieler unless listed otherwise below:

Drums: Todd LaTorre
Bass: Kevin Scott
Solos: Andee Blacksugar

Bring Out Your Dead
Drums: Edu Cominato
Bass: David Ellefson
Solo: Devin Townsend

Bass: Kevin Scott

Stones Will Fly, My Only Hope:
Drums: Ricky Sanders
Bass: Pat Badger
Solo and extra guitars: Butch Walker

Down In A Hole:
Drums: Edu Cominato
Bass: Kyle Sanders
Extra Guitars: Stephen Gibb

Anthem For Losers
Drums: Ricky Sanders
Bass, Piano, Guitar Twanging: Clay Cook

Horror Wobbles The Hippo:
Extra guitars solos and soundscapes: Emil Werstler

Beyond Hope
Guest Vocals: Benji Webbe
Drums: Ricky Sanders
Bass: David Ellefson
Solo: Bumblefoot

Born Of The Sun:
Drums: Edu Cominato
Bass: Kyle Sanders
Solo: Clint Lowery

Alone In The World:
Drums: Ricky Sanders
Guest Vocals: Jeff Scott Soto
Bring Out Your Dead (ft. Devin Townsend & David Ellefson)
“Apology” – Official Music Video

Stay Tuned

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