👉 [Review/Interview] – Sumo Cyco – Initiation (2021) by Denis Labbé et Interview dans 213Rock


1. Love You Wrong
2. Bystander
3. Vertigo
4. Bad News
5. No Surrender
6. M.I.A.
7. Cyclone
8. Run with the Giants
9. Overdrive
10. Power & Control
11. The Dance Is Doomed

Label: Napalm Records

The new album “Initiation” is the good surprise of this spring, I wanted to say it immediately !!

This mix of Metal music, Pop & Electro carried by a Punk energy takes everything on its way, a tsunami ?

Imagine a mix of voices between No Doubt, Lady Gaga, System Of A Down and Lamb Of God, pulsating by a little vocal bomb named Skye Sweetnam.

It’s fresh, innovative, addictive and energetic. When we know that the band does everything itself, even the realization of its videos, I can only recommend you to listen to this album from which have already been extracted no less than 4 singles ( Bystander , Vertigo, No surrender, Bad News).

The last one, “Bad News”, pulses like a ShakaPonk (French Band) track crossed with Limp Bizkit, with its distorted riff, its Pop chorus, its rock arrangements, and its declaimed verses.

More surprising, “Vertigo” manages to cross Lady Gaga, Blackpink and Punk Rock, for an addictive result. Just as surprising, the Pop Metal “Cyclone” relies on a syncopated rhythm and heavy guitars to better launch a dancing chorus.

Sumo Cyco explores many paths, with “Love You Wrong”, Groove Metal meets Punk Rock sprinkled with System of A Down inventiveness, while “M.I.A.” flirts with Dua Lipa’s music to better surprise us, before “Run with the Giants” evokes Diablo Swing Orchestra.

It’s very well constructed and superbly interpreted.

Sumo Cyco doesn’t forbid himself any combination, mixing electro to his Punk Rock on the catchy “Overdrive” with its federative chorus, infusing pop to melodic rock on the excellent “Power & Control” with its superb riff.

However, the best tracks are still to come with the heady “The Dance Is Doomed” which evokes System Of A Down, with its characteristic and repetitive phrasing, its changes of intensity and its big riffs.

Another excellent track, “No Surrender” relies on rhythmic verses that would not deny Lady Gaga and on which we can admire all the talent of Skye Sweetnam’s voice, all carried by huge riffs typically metal.

Finally, there is “Bystander”, the atomic bomb of the year, capable of overturning everything in its path, with its hallucinated verses, its metal riffs supported by keyboards and its irresistible chorus. The energy developed by the band is so communicative that this track has been playing in my playlist for a month.

Sumo Cyco has the inventiveness of a Japanese band, the power of a European band and the melodic qualities of an American band. In short, this is a Canadian band to follow and its “Initiation” is to be done immediately.

@Denis Labbé

Interview de Skye dans 213Rock:

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2 Commentaires

  1. Sumo Cyco should never be put in comparison to SOAD and especially Lamb of God! SC can’t hold a candle to either of those bands. Where do you get those comparisons? Sumo’s only strong suit is they have a great stage show. For me, most of their songs are extremely repetitive and don’t showcase Skye’s great voice.

    • it’s a translation error. I wrote in French : “Imagine a cross between No Doubt, Lady Gaga, System Of A Down and Lamb Of God, pulsating by a little vocal bomb named Skye Sweetnam”. SOAD uses repetitive patterns, too, and Lamb Of God strong guitars. The music is a cross between metal, rock, electro and numetal. I didn’t see Sumo Cyco on stage.

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