(Replay) – 213Rock Podcast de l’émission du 21 Mars 2022



Intro 213Rock

Nightwish Storytime
Visions of Atlantis Legion of the Seas
Amaranthe Boomerang
The Dark Side of the Moon May it be
Mors Principium Est The Lust Called Knowledge
Soilwork The Nothingness and the Devil
Sabaton Stormtroopers
Burning Point Blast in the Past
Hammerfall Brotherhood
Scorpions Gas in the Tank
Degreed Lost in Paradise
Dymytry Awakening the Monster
Paddy and the Rats After the Rain
Treat Home of the Brave

Madama Rock Harrag Melodica #CrazyRockNews

Bomber A Walk of Titans
Machine Head Desire to Fire
Mordred Malignancy
Dagoba On the Run
City of Lights Put Your Heart on the Line
Bloody Heels Dream Killers

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