(Replay) – 213Rock Podcast de l’émission du 14 Novembre 2022.


Harrag et Madama Rock en direct pour deux heures de musique

Intro 213Rock

Intro 213Rock

Black Label Society Crazy Horse
Ozzy Osbourne Parasite
One Desire Never Gonna Stop
CoreLeoni Guilty Under Pressure
Heroes and Monsters Locked and Loaded
Perfect Plan Devil’s Got the Blues
Treat Rabbit Hole
Eclipse Bite the Bullet
Devil’s Train In the Heat of the Night
Audrey Horne Animal
Junkyard Drive Let it Burn
Gunshine Loud
Iron Allies Martyrs Burn
Venom Inc Infinitum

Madama Rock & Harrag Melodica #crazyrocknews

In Flames Foregone Pt2
The Halo Effect Feel What I Believe
Bomber You’ve Got Demons
Insomnium Lilian
Candlemass Scandinavian Gods
Katatonia Atrium
Avatarium A Love Like Ours

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Bonne écoute.


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