[Interview] – 213Rock Harrag Melodica reçoit Mike Barber du groupe Wizardthrone.


213Rock Podcast Harrag Melodica Live interview 

With Mike Barber of WizardThrone 

1st album Hypercube Necrodimensions out July 16th 2021 

1 Black Hole Quantum Thermodynamics

2 Frozen Winds of Thyraxia

3 Incantation of the Red Order

4 Forbidden Equations Deep Within the Epimethean Wasteland

5 The Coalescence of Nine Stars In The System Once Known As


6 Of Tesseractual Gateways and the Grand Duplicity of Xhul

7 Hypercube Necrodimensions

8 Beyond The Wizardthrone (Cryptopharmalogical Revelations of the

Riemann Zeta Function)

Line Up :

V. Morbistopheles Jones // Vincent “Jake” Jones (AETHER REALM) –

Basse et Chant principal

M. Archistrategos Barber // Mike Barber (GLORYHAMMER,

DEATHCODE SOCIETY) – Guitare et chant

M. Xaviculus Bell // Matthew Bell (FORLORN CITADEL) – Guitare

C. Hyperiax Bowes // Chris Bowes (ALESTORM) – Claviers et narration

E. Wizardthrone Brown // Eric Brown (NEKROGOBLIKON, VALE OF

PNATH) – Batterie

Les interview sont aussi disponibles sur les sites ci-dessous:

Bonne écoute.

@Doc Olivier

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