🎙 [Interview] – 213Rock Harrag Melodica reçoit Cris Stone du groupe Crystal Ball.


“What Part Of No”
“You Lit My Fire”
“Call Of The Wild” (Feat. Ronnie Romero)
“I Am Rock”
“Make My Day”
“No Limits”
“Draw The Line”
“Loins On Fire”
“Sole Conviction”
“Crystal Heart” (Feat. Jaded Heart) (Bonus Track)
“Till You Meet Again” (Bonus Track)

Line up :

Steven Mageney (Vocal)
Scott Leach (Guitar, Synth + Piano)
Peter Berger (Guitar)
Cris Stone (Bass)
Marcel Sardella (Drums)

Label : Massacre Records

Les interview sont aussi disponibles sur les sites ci-dessous:

Bonne écoute.

@Doc Olivier

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