👉 [REVIEW] – Iron Allies – Blood In Blood Out (2022) by Harrag Melodica.


Full Of Surprises
Blood In Blood Out
Destroyers Of The Night
Fear No Evil
Evil The Gun
Martyrs Burn
Blood On The Land
Nightmares In My Mind
Selling Out
Truth Never Mattered
We Are Legend (You And I)

David Reece (Vocal)
Herman Frank (Guitars)
Mike Pesin (Guitars)
Malte Burkert (Bass)
Francesco Jovino (Drums)

Label: AFM Records

It was during a trip of Herman Frank to Italy to meet David Reece (both ex-members of Accept, but not at the same time) with ideas in their heads, that the two friends conversed all night long, devouring delicious Italian food and talking respectively about their careers in Heavy Metal…

At dawn, after a good handshake to seal an agreement on the realization of an album that will be 100% Heavy Metal with a great line up plus a talented producer and mixer was finalized.

Blood In Blood Out, is the name of this album available since a few days to listen on all the digital platforms of this world.

The promo team of the German label AFM Records had the good idea to clip the first 3 tracks of the album as an introduction via youtube.

And what’s next?

It’s at the same time Catchy, Racy & Punchy, Herman Frank & David Reece set the scene with masterful riffs, a warm and powerful voice, the artists are very powerful musically, just listen to Fear No Evil, Evil The Gun, which are indispensable !

On Martyrs Burn, the atmosphere’s quite strange, a much slower track, with a more pronounced psychological aspect.

Iron Allies is above all World Class Heavy Metal, for this you will succumb to the charm of the track “Nightmare in My Mind” a large part of David Reece’s voice on this track is governed by his emotions, which clarify the choices made on the atmosphere. «Oh my God what a track!!»

On the continuity of the album other tracks prove to be just as effective such as «Selling Out», «Freezin», «Truth Never Mattered»…

The album closes with the song “We are Legend” and meets all the expectations that could be placed in him, and even well beyond.

David Reece remained too long in the shade, he succeeds with Herman Frank undoubtedly one of the best album of Heavy Metal of the year, the quality of the production, the choice of the ideas, the vocal work which impresses by its variety of its intonations.

You listen to the podcast of the live interview with David Reece on 213Rock show is available below.

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