🎙 [Interview] – 213Rock Harrag Melodica avec Bjarni Egill Ögmundsson du groupe Power Paladin



213Rock Live interview Dec 21 2021 with Bjarni Egill Ögmundsson of Power Paladin 1st album With the Magic of Wyndfire Steel out Jan 7 2022 

01. Kraven The Hunter

02. Righteous Fury

03. Evermore

04. Dark Crystal

05. Way Of Kings

06. Ride The Distant Storm

07. Creatures Of The Night

08. Into The Forbidden Forest

09. There Can Be Only One

Line up :

Ingi Þórisson : Guitars

Atli Guðlaugsson : Vocals

Bjarni Egill Ögmundsson :  Keys

Einar Karl Júlíusson : Drums

Bjarni Þór Jóhannsson : Guitars

Kristleifur Þorsteinsson  :  Bass

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Bonne écoute.

@Doc Olivier

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