(Replay) – 213Rock Podcast de l’émission du 28 février 2022



Intro 213Rock
Scorpions Gas on the Tank
Saxon Age of Steam
Hammerfall Brotherhood
Brainstorm Escape the Silence
Dee Snider Stand
Evergrey Save US
Rage Traveling Through Time
Sodom Friendly Fire
Destruction No Faith in Humanity
Volbeat The Passager
Wolf Shadowland
Slaegt Kiss from a Knife
Bomber A Walk of Titans

Madama Rock Harrag Melodica #CrazyRockNews #Vinylestimes

Dymytry Never Gonna Die
Serious Black Rock with us Tonight
Beast in Black Moonlight Rendezvous
Reckless Love Eyes of a Maniac
Crystal Ball Make My Day

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