(Replay) – 213Rock Podcast de l’émission du 25 Avril 2022



Intro 213Rock

Intro 213Rock
Knuckle Head Ritual
Audrey Horne Break Out
Iconic Nowhere to Run
Black Swan Generation Mind
Degreed Radio
Treat Dark To Light
Crashdiet Together Whatever
Saffire Read Between the Lies
Devil’s Train The Devil & the Blues
Aerodyne Alien Front
The 69 Eyes Drive
The Halo Effect Feel what I Believe
Motive Black Lift Me Up Feat @Carla Harvey of @Butcher Babies

Madama Rock & Harrag Melodica #crazyrocknews

Hallas Earl’s Time
Thunder Dancing in the Sunshine
Allison Crank it up
Kingcrown To the Sky and Back
Thundermother Watch Out
Amorphis On the Dark Waters
Infinityum Face to Face feat Kratos of Circles Ov Hell

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