(Replay) – 213Rock Podcast de l’émission du 04 Juillet 2022


Entro 213Rock show
Battle Beast Broken Survivor 
Manigance Sang Froid 
Brainstorm Glory Disappear 
Civil War Dead Man’s Glory 
Sabaton Bismarck 
Audrey Horne Ashes to Ashes 
Amorphis My name is Night 
Dynazty Natural Born Killer 
Ammotrack Bring Out the Heroes 
Dream Drop Métamorphosis
Lillasyster I know you Better 
Mothica Casualty 
Devil’s Train You Promised Me Love 
Madhouse Down ‘N’ Dirty 
Skid Row The Gang’s All Here 
Black Hellebore Release Me 
Evergrey Call Out the Dark 
Madama Rock Harrag Melodica #crazyrocknews 
Miracle of Sound Feat. Peyton Parrish Valhalla Calling 
Wind Rose Together We Rise 
Rhapsody Of Fire The Village of Dwarves

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Bonne écoute.


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