[Replay] – 213Rock Podcast de l’émission du 13 Mars 2023


Harrag et Madama Rock en direct pour deux heures de musique

Intro 213Rock 

Buckcherry Good Time

Graywolf We’ll Bring you Down 

Winger Proud Desperado 

Motive Black Lift me Up

John Diva The Limit is the Sky 

Cross Country Driver Shine 

CrashDiet We Die Hard 

Black Oak County Back for Blood 

Circus Of Rock Is It Any Wonder?

Danger Danger Captain Bring Down 

Firewind Destiny is Calling 

Mystic Prophecy HellRiot 

Majesty Back to Attack 

Iron Allies Evil the Gun 

Madama Rock Harrag Melodica #crazyrocknews

Wasteland Clan Rising Storm 

Stargazer Heartbroken 

Empyre Heartbroken 

Empyre Waking Light 

Enslaved The Eternal Sea 

Candlemass Sweet Evil Sun 

Omnium Gatherum Slasher  

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Bonne écoute.


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